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 book apple.JPG Third Grade School Supplies *

                              *Mrs. Taylor & Miss Adams  lists only.     

                                (Links for Mrs. Culcasi are located to the left .)


             Please bring the following items to school the first day:


         1. A folder with pockets on the bottom (not on the side)

         2. 1 Elmer’s glue bottle

         3. 1 package of 12 number 2 pencils

         4. 2 red pens

         5. 1 pair of scissors

         6. 1 box of crayons

         7. 1 ruler (that cannot be bent)

         8. 1 pencil sharpener with a cover

         9. 1 box of colored pencils

         10. 1 package of sharpened markers

         11. 1 package of wide ruled loose leaf paper

         12. 1 box of tissues

         13. 1 large box to put school supplies in

         14. 1 white board 8½ by 11 or larger (not too large)


                  The following are supplies that can be used throughout the year.  If you would like to donate any of

                   these items to your class, it would be greatly appreciated:


1.        Pencils

2.        Boxes of tissues

3.        Expo whiteboard markers

4.        A package of wide ruled loose leaf paper

5.        Handi wipes

6.        Copy paper

7.        Construction paper

8.        Stapler

9.        Pencil sharpener


Please write your name on all of your school supplies.


Dear Parents,                                                                                             

We want to welcome you to an exciting 3rd grade year!  We are looking forward to teaching your children. In order for your children to be successful this year, it is important for them to do the following things:

They need to practice their reading and math skills by completing their homework each day.  Since each skill is often built on the next, students will fall behind if their homework is not completed each day.

Our school is participating in the IXL math program in order to support our goal towards math proficiency.  We expect your children to practice the skills and standards in the program each day for 15 minutes.  They can log on by using the same user name and password as the Accelerated Reading Program.

          For the past few years, our third graders have been participating in the Accelerated Reading Program (AR). We are really proud of our AR program and our students’ progress towards achieving greater fluency and comprehension as they move through the book levels.  Part of the program includes setting trimester goals which students are expected to achieve.  In order to do this, they should be reading at home and at school to increase their reading skills one or more grade level by the end of the year.


Mastering the multiplication and division facts is critical to the children’s achievement in math.  Students who do not know their facts are at a disadvantage when taking the classroom, district, and CST tests. Please make sure you children are practicing their math facts daily.

Good behavior is essential to student learning and achievement.  Students are expected to follow classroom and school rules.  One of the most important skills children need to develop is being able to listen to directions and instructions for longer periods of time.  You can increase their attention span by reading to them, asking them questions, and having them repeat directions given.

On the first day of school, please make sure your children bring their essential school supplies on the list provided.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in making this year a successful one.



                                                The Third Grade Teachers